About Us is a comprehensive information source for Colombia, South America. We are a small group of expats, bloggers, adventure seekers, photographers, travel enthusiasts and locals that have a common interest in Colombia which has undergone major security improvements the last few years. In fact, tourism in Colombia has increased dramatically since 2002. Many major cruise lines including Disney Cruise Lines are now visiting important Colombian port towns such as Cartagena and Santa Marta. is an independent enterprise that operates with the help of volunteers and contributors. If you are travelling to Colombia or have been here before, we would love to hear your stories and experiences. Contact us so that we may link to your blog or add your stories to our own blogs. By sharing or linking your information here, we are able to collaborate a comprehensive source of information for others who may wish to visit Colombia for the first time as well as returning travelers. Your experiences are our inspiration and much appreciated. Join our community today!

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