Basilica Metropolitana

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Basilica Metropolitana | Medellin, Colombia

The Metropolitan Basilica in Medellin is built in the Romanesque style with Byzantine details. It is known by academics as one of the largest baked clay structures in the world utilizing more than 1,120,000 adobe bricks and taking more than 55 years to complete in the year 1930. The structure is a romantic style architecture and appears as a cross if viewed from above. There are more than X alters, X stained glass windows and X pillars throughout the church itself. Also stored inside are an important collection of paintings including colonial painters Gregorio Vasquez de Arce y Cevallos as well as those by Francisco Antonio Cano. The Colombian church is also the site of grand event celebrations such as religious ceremonies and holidays.

Location of Basilica Metropolitana in Medellin:


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