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The northern municipality of Bello is a suburb of Medellin. This neighborhood is another important industrial and residential area of Medellin. Its guardian hill, Quitasol is 9200 feet high and holds the honors of being the highest mountain in the entire Aburra Valley. The history of this area dates back to 1676, when a village called Hatoviejo was established. Two centuries later, in honor of Venezuelen intellectual Andres Bello, the municipality officially changed its name. The relationship between this municipality and the textile sector is closely linked with Fabricato Tejicondor’s main branch (the first textile factory in Colombia). This area of the city is also the headquarters for of the main service garage for the Medellin Metro. One of the sources of pride for its citizens is the fact that Bello was the birthplace of ex-Colombian President Marco Fidel Suarez who served his term from between the years of 1918 & 1921.

Located on the northern outskirts of Medellin, Bello boasts several tourist attractions including Hatoviejo chapel in Santander Park where there are 12 beautiful oil painting inside depicting the apostles, Ecce Homo and an image of the saint patron Our Lady of Rosario de Guadelupe. The small 2 room hut where ex President Suarez was born is still located in Bello for travelers and visitors alike to view, although most of the original hut has long been built over by a newer home with large windows.

Also located in Bello are important pre-Colombian sites including that of the Niquia natives in which many important ceramic pieces have been found. Serrania Las Baldias stands out among Bello‘s ecological attractions. This natural provides a rich natural abundance of undisturbed flora and fauna that can be accessed via a 6.3 mile hiking trail available to the public. This town is considered off the beaten path for foreign travelers to Medellin, although it is often visited by researchers and hiking clubs.

Located on what locals refer to as the Milk Route, this area has an abundance of dairy products that are available due to its proximity to the San Pedro farming area

Bello can be reached by traveling north on the Autopista Norte (North Highway) or can also be conveniently reached by taking the Medellin Metro. There are 3 designated stops (stations) in Bello if you take the Metro including Madera, Bello & Niquia. Another area worth mentioning is the mountain park Alberto Diaz Munoz located on El Quitasol Hill. Operational since 1995, it has pedestrian and eco-paths along with amazing slides that are fun for all!

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