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Biblioteca Tematica | Medellin, Colombia

Biblioteca EPM is a library in Medellin that is dedicated to science, industry, environment and technology. There are many different sources of information available at the library that come in multiple delivery formats including traditional books, e-books, magazines, e-documents, CD’s and DVD’s. Financed and donated to the city by Medellin’s public utilities company, EPM, this learning center was inaugurated on June 2, 2005. It is a reflection of social responsibility by a company that also shares its name with the library. The theme of Biblioteca EPM is futuristic in both architectural design as well as application.


The space in which the Biblioteca EPM currently sits was not always such a nice place. Prior to 2003, the open space that sat across the street from the La Alpujarra administrative center was run down and in need of repair. In fact, the area was traditionally known to be unsafe at night and a refuge for drug addicts. An urban building boom under the ex-mayor Sergio Fajardo was responsible for converting the plaza between 2003 until its completion date in June 2005. The project was done in sync with neighboring Plaza Cisneros and had a profound effect on the look and feel of the area in general. The addition of Biblioteca EPM as well as Plaza Cisneros was an important addition to the urban renewal push under Sergio Fajardo’s leadership and accounted for dozens of similar municipal projects that were carried out throughout the city.

Biblioteca EPM is easily accessed from Metro Station San Antonio and sits on the north site of La Alpujarra administrative center. Plaza Cisneros is located directly adjacent to Biblioteca EPM and the entire area connects to the retail walkway by the name of Carabobo. This retail strip walkway will take you all the way to Basilica Metropolitana and Parque Bolivar. Also in the area is the Ferrocarril de Antioquia as well as the renovated Carre and Vasquez buildings.

*Photo above by Juan Girardo.

Location of Biblioteca EPM in Medellin: CISNEROS PLAZA


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