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Caldas, Colombia near Medellin

Caldas is south of Medellin and represents the farthest outlying municipality in this listing. Located 13 miles to the south of the city, it serves as headquarters for an important crockery factory that services the Colombia and Latin American markets. Originally the property of wealthy landowner Roque Mejia, the town was founded in 1848 and named after the Colombian national hero, Francisco Jose de Caldas. The expansion of the town came later thanks to the arrival of settlers coming from Envigado, Itagui and La Estrella.

Although Caldas has made a name for itself due to its crockery business, one of the more appealing features of the town is its peculiar offering of bars and restaurants with bizarre and unique styles such as the Vinacure Museum-Bar located in the La Tablaza area. On the other hand, more traditional options also exist in the city including mule and horseback riding. The La Mulera Inn specializes in this activity and its proprietors will show you one of Antioquias favorite past times as you ascend the mountains above in search of traveled trails and spectacular views. Afterward, you can enjoy some wonderful fresh fruit juices and Creole food prepared by the Inn.

Other notable interests in Caldas include La Posada, a refuge for intellectuals and considered to be one of the best venues for literary gatherings in the southern sector of Medellin. After exercising your mental capabilities, you may want to visit Las Mellas dessert factory for some tasty Antioquian style treats including obleas, a thin wafer sandwich filled with caramel. You can also visit such places as Arlequin and El Kaizer that surround the crockery plant.

To get to Caldas, you will need to take the detour on Autopista Sur (South Highway) to Primavera settlement, and then continue along Troncal del Suroeste in the south of the city.

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