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In a recent end of the year poll by the New York Times, Colombia is voted as the number two choice behind Istanbul.  Colombia has recently gained much notoriety as an up and coming tourist destination since 2004-2005 when the security situation began to improve dramatically across the country. The historic colonial beach-side town of Cartagena and the capital city of Bogota lead the pack with recent tourist influx followed by once notorious Medellin, Colombia.

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Excerpt from related travel article about Colombia:

Unfairly or not, Colombia is still known for its cocaine cartels and street violence, but cool-hunting travelers are calling it Latin America’s next affordable hot spot. Bogotá, its capital, has emerged as a role model of urban reinvention. Starting in the late 1990s, the city underwent a breathtaking transformation. Sidewalks, once used mainly for parking, are now lined with bicycle paths and tree-shaded cafes. An innovative bus system zips residents across the traffic-congested city. And museums and restaurants have opened in its historic center, including the refurbished Museo del Oro, which houses pre-Columbian treasures.

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Colombia | Building With Bamboo

Slideshow: Spreading the bamboo gospel A Colombian architect is uprooting notions of what we can do with bamboo. By Nadja Drost – GlobalPost Published: December 6, 2010 SAN ALBERTO, Colombia — Colombian architect Simon Velez is changing notions about what bamboo can do. Velez has used bamboo to build massive domes, cathedrals and long-span bridges that soar across highways. His stunning designs and his pioneering […]

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Colombia | In Search of Lost Frogs

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In Search of the Lost Frog of Colombia From The Telegraph By Lucy Cooke I am looking for a lost frog. The Mesopotamian beaked toad, to be precise, which has been missing for almost 100 years. The last person to see it, an American biologist, Gladwin Noble, was also the man who discovered it. I wonder whether the fact that it has been mislaid for […]

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UK Discovers Colombia Tourism

Colombia has seen a recent surge in tourism from the UK. More than 19,250 British tourists discovered the wonders and cultural attractions of Colombia last year. This represents an increase of more than 26.5% from total related tourism activity in 2005. There are now 52 tour operators in the UK that are offering travel packages to Colombia. This number is expected to double by 2015. […]

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Colombia Spends Millions More To Promote Tourism

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The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón reported that the National Government’s goal over the next four years is to create 250 thousand new jobs in the tourism sector. This was announced Monday during the celebration of Tourism, which took place at the Marriott Hotel in Bogota, Colombia. President Santos said that to stimulate the growth of tourism activity, the national government will move towards an open skies […]

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Colombia Tourism Sector Looks To China

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With the aim of promoting national tourism, Cotelco managers, entrepreneurs, government officials and Proexport are travelling to the International Misón China Expositionthat is being held from 28 August to 11 September 2010. The idea is to initiate efforts to conquer the Chinese market, moving beyond the success stories in the infrastructure and technological advancement of China’s tourism sector. The hotel industry states almost 47 million […]

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Bogota, Colombia Business Tourism Dominates

It appears that Bogota, Colombia is still leading the pack for business tourism in Colombia. The capital city who has an estimated population of approximately 8 million people recorded 349,348 international tourists from January to June of 2010. This represents a 5% increase over the same time period for 2009. According to Nohora Vargas, director for District Institute of Tourism (IDT), 78% of the arriving […]

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Cali, Colombia Hotel Investments Increase

Plans to invest more than 100 million dollars in new hotel infrastructure is slated for the city of Cali, Colombia by 2013. The investment would add an additional 1,170 rooms of capacity to the municipality located in the state of Valle de Cauca. Marriot Courtyard together with hotel chain Avia constitute approximately 50% of the anticipated investment that is due to break ground in 2011. […]

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Juan Valdez Celebrates 50th Birthday!

Juan Valdez, the world famous fictional character and coffee icon from Colombia, celebrated his 50th birthday this past Saturday with a congratulatory cake from the city of Pereira which is located in the coffee growing region of the country. Pereira, Colombia is the first city where they perform this important celebration due to the fact that the National Federation of Coffee Growers was founded in […]

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Are Colombia Hotels Booming Too Much?

The hotel industry in Colombia expects to complete the 2010 year with investments of around $1.2 billion USD, up from $900 million in 2009. According to Jaime Alberto Cabal who is the president of the Hotel Association of Colombia (Cotelco), the driving force behind the boom is a 30 year tax abatement for all new hotels built since 2003 and a 15 year tax abatement […]

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House Hunting In Medellin, Colombia

New York Times By LISA KEYS Published: August 24, 2010   690 MILLION COLOMBIAN PESOS ($380,000) This duplex has a surface area of 170 square meters (1,830 square feet, at 10.76 square feet to the square meter). It is on the top two floors of a 27-story building built in 2005, with sweeping views of Medellin and the surrounding mountains. The apartment, entered on the […]

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New Monkey Species Found in Colombia

A previously unknown monkey species has been discovered in the jungles of Colombia, South America. The small, cat-sized animal – officially named Callicebus caquetensis – is the fourth species of titi monkey now known to live in the South American country’s southern forests. Scientists found the primate during an expedition in the forests of Caqueta, a region close to the border with Peru and Ecuador, […]

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Mining & Oil Boom Investments Propel Colombia

  Security gains and capitalist-friendly investment rules are spurring an unprecedented mining and oil boom in Colombia, a pro-business outpost on an increasingly leftist continent. Investors are deeming Colombia well worth the risk though many parts of the country where reserves are being exploited continue to be plagued by illegal armed groups. Even a car-bombing Thursday in the country’s capital just a week into the […]

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