Medical Tourism in Medellin, Colombia

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Medellin’s prestige as an important center for medical treatment and aesthetic procedures has spread beyond the country’s borders to accomodate patients from all over the globe! Every year, thousands of foreigners from Central America, the Caribbean, Israel, Spain, England, Italy and the United States come to the city of Medellin for medical procedures.

The most common treatments are plastic surgery, refractive surgery, dental procedures, transplants as well as treatments related to heart problems and cancer. Most clinics and hospitals are now aware of their international reach and have appointed staff to assist foreign patients. As well, third party groups have organized to help assist the medical tourism industry including Salud Sin Fronteras (Health without Borders).

There are many factors that help to make Medellin a leading city in this emerging industry.

LOCATION – One of the first and foremost factors is the amazing climate the city enjoys experiencing spring-like weather year round. This is mainly due to its location in the highland tropic regions of the northern Andes mountains. The near perfect weather makes recuperation as enjoyable as it can be and the after care quality is top notch to boot.

DOCTORS – Also a factor is the sheer amount of well qualified doctors and surgeons in the city that come from prestigious medical schools such as the University of Antioquia, the University Pontifica Bolivariana, the Fundación Universitaria San Martín and the Instituto de Ciencias de la Salud (CES) to name a few. Many doctors and dentists graduate and specialize from these medical institutions and centers. As well, a good number of local health professionals pursue their studies abroad, where they have the opportunity to receive additional training and expertise.

COST – Cost of treatment is a big incentive for most who decide to take the trip to Medellin for their elective surgery/procedure. Often times as much as 50% less than that of comparable procedures in the USA, Europe or elsewhere, it is easy to see how many patients ultimately choose Medellin as their destination of choice in the emerging medical tourism industry.

FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT – The various clinics and hospitals available in the city themselves warrant serious medical attention from integrity conscious patients. Equipped with state of the art facilities and cutting edge equipment, many of the options around town rate as good or better than their first world counterparts. In fact, Medellin has become one of the leading cities in all of South America for transplant procedures due to a program that was started more than 30 years ago. Today, Medellin holds several accolades for transplants in Colombia, Latin America as well as the world.


1973 – First kidney transplant with live donor in Colombia.
1974 – First successful kidney transplant with cadaver donor in Colombia.
1976 – First liver transplant in Latin America
1976 – First alogenic bone marrow transplant in Latin America.
2001 – First umbilical cord cell transplant in Colombia.
2002 – Second larynx transplant in the world.
2003 – First trachea transplant in the world.
2003 – First combined larynx-trachea transplant in the world.
2004 – First thin intestine transplant in Colombia.
2004 – First autologous transplant of parent cells from bone marrow via intracoronary, for patients with isquemic cardiac illness in Colombia.


Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital is a non profit and private foundation located in Medellin. Known as the Hospital With Soul, this medical facility is ISO 9001 certified and maintains a high degree of excellence in the treatment of patients and has done such for more than 35 years. Its humanistic approach and knowledge base combined with its advanced technologies have earned the institution both national and international recognition for providing exceptional surgical and medical services in combination with its diagnostic and treatment centers. The hospital has long played an important role in Colombia for advanced medical care and has recently gained a leadership position in the medical tourism arena as it provides more and more foreign patients with superior and economical treatments. Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital assigns extreme care and dedication to continuous learning, development and consolidation of technical skills in order to insure its processes aimed at achieving the highest international standards of care. The hospital is currently one of 12 hospitals in Colombia that are awaiting accreditation from the USA based Joint Commission International group.

Other certifications in place are OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISQUA and IQNET. The hospital recently won the Colombian Quality in Health Award (Gold Category) which was a first of its kind to ever be awarded.

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Clinica Medellin

Clinica Medellin is a private institution that was founded on October 4, 1947 by Dr. Joaquín Aristizábal. The clinic’s creation was inspired by the infrastructure and organization of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. This medical landmark is ISO 9001 certified for transfusion medicine, imaging and physical medicine as well as rehabilitation. Facilities currently include two branches which operate in El Centro (downtown) as well […]

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Clínica CES

Located in Prado (near downtown), this hospital has a total of 65 beds and 5 operating rooms. There is a special care unit available as well as diagnostic systems, clinical laboratory, pathology, radiology, mammography, ultrasound scan, endoscopy, rectal sigmoidoscopy, echocardiography, doppler echo, vascular peripheric and effort tests. There are also satellite offices in Almacentro (across from San Diego Mall), Sabaneta and Girardota. Among the services […]

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San Vicente de Paúl University Hospital

A private institution, San Vicente de Paúl is located in the northern part of the city and is easily accessed by the Metro at the Hospital station. The hospital opened its doors in 1934 and its extensive premises include 15 hospital rooms and 5 intensive care rooms, including one for newborn babies and one for infants. In fact, the Clarita Santos wing is exclusively devoted […]

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Soma Clinic

Located downtown and founded by a group of 23 private doctors in 1947, this hospital has a team of 135 associates from almost all specialties of medicine and care for patients at its 160 room facility. Among its most outstanding services include minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopy, surgery for morbid obesity, reconstructive surgery (head, feet, hands), annuloplasties with catheter (IDT), ozone nucleoplasty, ligamentoplasty, general surgery, […]

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San Diego Opthamologic Clinic

A private institution, this hospital is located in El Poblado and specializes in medical procedures and services related to opthalmology, a field in which it is a pioneer in such treatments as personalized correction of myopia, hypermetropy and astigmatism through the use of zyoptic technology in which latest generation Technolas 217-Z lasers are used. It is also a leading institution in the application of photodynamic […]

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Medellin General Hospital de Luz Castro de Gutiérrez

ISO certified, this public hospital started providing care to Medellin patients back in 1942. Complete with 341 hospital beds, it specializes in orthopedics & trauma, high risk obstetrics, hematology-oncology and the treatment of hemophilia. The individual care units of the hospital are emergency, surgery, gynecology & obstetrics, external consultation, hospitalization, pediatrics, clinical laboratory, imaging and intensive care units for adults and newborn babies. There is […]

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Santa Maria Cardiovascular Clinic

This hospital is the unquestionable leader in transplants for the the city of Medellin. In 1985, it performed the first heart transplant in Colombia. In 1997, it performed the first lung transplant and in 1999, the hospital performed the first bilateral lung transplant. In 2004, it performed the first endovascular implant of bone marrow stem cells for myocardial regeneration, along with the support of the […]

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Clínica El Rosario

This private clinic was founded in the 1960′s and has two branches. One of the branches is located downtown in Villa Hermosa and the other is located in El Tesoro (Poblado). The downtown branch is an eight story building with 192 beds, an auditorium that seats 150 people as well as an abundance of parking. The El Tesoro branch in Poblado has 120 beds and […]

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Clínica Las Vegas

Operational since 1992, this clinic is located in Poblado and specializes in minimally invasive surgery, gastrohepatology, cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. There are 14 care units at the hospital including cardiovascular, plastic, newborn intensive care, diagnostic, imaging & therapeutic support, endoscopic unit, emergency, oral health, trauma, perinatal maternal care, critical medicine, opthalmology, urology and orthopedics. CALLE 2 SUR #46-55 TEL: (574) 311-1000 (*spanish only)

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Clínica Las Americas

Just southwest of the city in an area called “La Mota”, sits a medical center established by a group of independent doctors in 1993. A group of 480 assigned specialists work at the hospital and together they service the following care units: xray & diagnostic imaging services, nuclear medicine, diagnostic & surgical video endoscopy, neumology & breathing therapy, physical & rehab medicine, intensive care, gynocology […]

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