Medellin, Colombia Restaurants & Dining Options

Paisa culture in Medellin warrants that most of the locals prefer eating at home rather than going to restaurants. Due to the relative compact size of the city, many people even leave their workplaces at noon in order to have lunch with their families at home. In contrast, most inhabitants in Bogota depend on a wide range of restaurants due to the expansive size of the city and relative longer working distances from the home. This cultural situation has limited the offerings of dining options in the city in comparison to your own hometown experience. However, there are still an ample supply of dining options and the growth of the city over the last several years has added many dining options that are now available to the traveler/visitor to Medellin. Some options that now exist include French, Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and of couse the typical local cuisine of Medellin known as comida tipica.

This will be a review of La Doctora restaurant in Sabaneta.