Shopping in Medellin, Colombia

List of malls and shopping centers below.

Among Medellin’s many tourist interests, shopping is one of its most attractive features. In comparison to other Colombian towns, the possibilities are endless, both in variety and prices.

On the one hand, clothing and textiles are two activities with over 100 years in the economic history of the city. The development of this sector, an important source of foreign currency, has given rise to prestigious clothing and underwear brands, whose image and quality are appreciated in many international markets.

On the other hand, there are some centers exclusively devoted to fashion and clothing, as well as “sales centers” opened by clothing and jean factories in the city.

However, the bulk of the activity takes place in around 20 organized shopping centers conforming to a network of highly professional, strategically located shops, in residential and commercial areas.

In Medellin, shopping centers have been a promoting factor in city growth, as well as in the economic and social fields, but most importantly perhaps, they have also played the main role in a new lifestyle which combines both shopping and amusement.

Whether you come to Medellin for business, pleasure or family reasons, the malls here have been designed here so that you can do your all your shopping with safety and comfort.

Apart from the specialized sales centers, and the vast network of malls, you will find supercenters such as Carrefour (French owned) and Exito to serve your needs should you need other items on your list that you just can’t seem to find at the malls. There are also excellent supermarket options in Medellin, Colombia with names like Pomona and Carullas in which you can find all your supermarket needs including food, spirits as well as pre-prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Besides shopping for clothes, Medellin is also a great market for furniture, leather goods, shoes as well as household appliances and electronics. Other popular shopping items include lamps and lighting fixtures located in neighboring Envigado.

One of the main commercial initiatives in the city is the organization of shopping seasons by the association of shopping centers in the city. The main season is called “Medellin is a bargain”, coordinated by the Medellin association of Shopping Centers (Asocentro), which takes place in February.

These seasons have the purpose of offering attractive bargains to buyers. “Medellin is a bargain” is more geared toward Colombian and regional customers. Special sales and discounts are also organized in popular celebrations like the Flower Festival, held every August in Medellin.

In order to attract the local clientele, shopping centers have expanded their offer of services by including those such as Sunday religious ceremonies and a program of concerts, fashion shows and plays.