Flooding in Santa Marta, Colombia

Flooding in Santa Marta

Flooding in Santa Marta

The coastal city of Santa Marta, Colombia has been hit with heavy flooding recently as the rainy weather continues to take its toll on the popular vacation town. A red alert declaration was made by the Local Committee for Prevention and Attention to Disasters (Clopas) District due to the heavy rains that have fallen in recent days.

The red alert was declared in Santa Marta due to the increased level of the rivers that descend from the Sierra Nevada and the imminent risk of collapse affecting about 60 houses located near the Manzanares River, which crosses the city from east to the West.

“Our advice to these families, which are to be visited by the Civil Defense and the Local Committee for Prevention and Attention to Disasters (Clopas), is to voluntarily evacuate their buildings during the rainy season in order to avoid any tragedy in the Manzanares River sector”, said the mayor of Santa Marta, Juan Pablo Diaz Granados Pinedo, who chairs the Clopas.

The most worrysome situation is concentrated in the barrios Villa del Carmen, Las Malvinas, La Estrella, Simón Bolívar and in areas adjacent to the bridge. Previous damage was recorded  when the sudden rise of the Manzanares River on July 9th swept above  the patios and caused damage to housing structures.

The mayor said he will manage along with the director of Risk Management, Luz Amanda Pulido, in order to provide temporary lease subsidies for families that are in high risk areas if they do not have family or friends to give them lodging.

The other alternative is to enable a tempory shelters in the old field transport terminal, located on Calle 24 with Carrera 8, with tents, portable bathrooms and kitchens and cots, donated by the Southern Command of the U.S. Civil Defense Magdalena to meet a possible emergency.

Last Sunday, a two-story building collapsed in the neighborhood Perehuetano, located on the banks of the Manzanares, after the foundation of the house gave way because of the rains that have fallen in recent days. Fortunately the house was unoccupied.

The most recent event occurred on Wednesday, August 5th in the Villa del Carmen district, where a giant tree fell on the roof of a house whose occupants were not injured. Five other houses are at risk of a similar fate.

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