Cerro Nutibara

by marcus

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Cerro Nutibara | Medellin, Colombia

One of Medellin‘s so called “guardian” hills, the Nutibara Hill is a large wooded area located in close proximity to La Alpujarra Administrative Center and just southwest of downtown Medellin. The 81.5 acre park stands 262 feet high in the middle of Aburra Valley and can be accessed by car or bus (or foot on nature trails). A winding road takes you to the top of the hill and Pueblito Paisa , a replica of a traditional Colombian pueblito or little town. In colonial theme, the little town stands complete with a central square and fountain, much like it would have 100 years ago. Two prominant sculptures adorn the area including one that pays homage to Indian Chief Nutibara as well as famed humorist Guillermo Zuluaga “Montecristo“. There is also spaceous lookout providing an almost uninterrupted 360 degree view of the city. As well, located on the slopes of the hill are the open-air, 4000 spectator capacity Carlos Vieco Theater and sculpture park which is home to a permanent exhibit of renowned national and international artists.

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