Cerro El Volador Eco-Park

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Cerro Volador Eco-Park | Medellin, Colombia

Cerro El Volador is one of Medellin‘s seven so called guardian hills. It is the largest natural park within the urban area of Medellin, Colombia at 250+ acres and rises 272 feet into the air.  It was officially designated as an eco-park in 1992 and is located in the city’s northwestern zone that was once sacred grounds for local Indians who originally inhabited the Aburra Valley. The park is an important archaeological site and has a museum exhibiting historical evidence of past indigenous cultures. There is a large open space located at the highest point of the hill that affords visitors to Cerro El Volador incredible views of the city. During full-moon nights people of Medellin gather for social events and outdoor activities under the stars.

Many early colonies to Medellin were established on or near Cerro El Volador. The hill is surrounded by the important and historically significant “la quebrada La Iguana (Iguana stream)”. Also nearby are the neighborhoods of El Volador, La Iguana, San German and Caribe. The National University (Universidad Nacional) and the University of Antioquia are also close by and serve as important educational and research facilities to the site. Cerro El Volador has undergone extensive rehabilitation and expansion in 2008 as part of ex-mayor Sergio Fajardo’s city wide development program.

Activities at Cerro El Volador include biking, hiking, jogging, bird watching and kite flying to name a few. Guided tours are available that will take you down the historical Indian Trail where important artifacts and signs remain to this day of its ancient past. The eco-park is open daily from 8 a.m. in the morning until 6:00 p.m. in the evening throughout the week. The are places to buy food, snacks and drinks at the park. It is recommended to bring comfortable walking shoes when you visit Cerro El Volador as hiking is prevalent in the area.

Here is an interesting video that shows some of the incredible work that was done when the area was renovated and expanded.

Location of Cerro El Volador Eco-Park:

CARERRA 65 #67-51 TEL: (574) 260-2416


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