Clínica CES

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Located in Prado (near downtown), this hospital has a total of 65 beds and 5 operating rooms. There is a special care unit available as well as diagnostic systems, clinical laboratory, pathology, radiology, mammography, ultrasound scan, endoscopy, rectal sigmoidoscopy, echocardiography, doppler echo, vascular peripheric and effort tests. There are also satellite offices in Almacentro (across from San Diego Mall), Sabaneta and Girardota.

Among the services offered at the hospital are 24 hour emergency medical and dental care, physical & breathing therapy, external consultation options, general medicine, allergy specialists, general & oncologic surgery, plastic surgery (cosmetic & reconstructive), dermatology & dermatologic surgery, gynocology, internal medicine, general opthalmology & specialized orthopedics, ear/nose/throat medicine, pediatrics, neurology, pediatric gastroenterology, neurology, neurosurgery, urology, occupational health and preventative medical checkups.

CARERRA 50C #58-45
TEL: (574) 576-7272 (*spanish only)

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