Clínica El Rosario

by marcus

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This private clinic was founded in the 1960′s and has two branches. One of the branches is located downtown in Villa Hermosa and the other is located in El Tesoro (Poblado). The downtown branch is an eight story building with 192 beds, an auditorium that seats 150 people as well as an abundance of parking. The El Tesoro branch in Poblado has 120 beds and includes 5 surgery rooms, internal medicine & maternity ward, a pediatrics center, 2 delivery rooms, 70 doctors’ offices and 14 emergency stretchers to name a few of the accomodations and medical options.

In general, the clinic offers specialized emergency services, hospitalization, surgery and special care. It has cutting edge medical equipment ranging from a BC mammogram unit, potable x-ray, GE Volusion 730 Expert, Multidiagnostic 3, Tomoscan AV and conventional radiology, a gastroenterology unit and a refernce medical laboratory.

CARERRA 41 #62-05
TEL: (574) 295-9000 (*spanish only)

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