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Coffee Region of Colombia | Eje Cafetero:

The coffee region is an area south of Medellin that will take you into neighboring states (departmentos) of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda. Because of this regions specific altitude and climate, it is hailed for producing some of the finest coffee beans in the world. Accounting for just 1% of Colombia’s total area, this region produces nearly half of the countries annual coffee crop. The combination of agreeable temperatures, lush green valleys, and impressive snow-capped peaks make it perfectly suited for curious travelers as well. Although this area is not really considered a day tip, it is a great place to spend a few days or more exploring some of the most unique terrain on the planet.

The region was not settled by the Spanish until the mid-19th century, when Antioquia began expanding southwards during the colonization period known as ‘colonización Antioqueña’. By 1905, the area had developed enough to become a state (department) of its own, which was called Caldas. By 1966, conflicting economic interests within Caldas led to a split of the area and created two new states of Risaralda and Quindío. The countries rich natural beauty is the reason most travelers visit the region and strong paisa influence can be seen throughout the region including architecture, food and general kindness of its inhabitants.

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