How to Pack for Colombia


Colombia is located very close to the equator. In addition, the northern Andes mountain range runs through the country creating a wide variety of altitudes and geographic characteristics that include humid forests, tropical plains, desert & arid regions as well as perpetual snow. Therefore, the climatic variations do not obey the traditional seasons, but rather the altitude. Because of this, weather climates tend to be stabilized throughout the year with slight variations due to the time of year and amount of rainfall. These are called the “dry season” and the “wet season”.

* The dry or “hot” seasons normally occurs December – January & July – August. Colombians refer to this as their Summer season.

* The rainy or “wet” seasons normally take place from April – May & October – November. Colombians refer to this as their Winter season.

Please consider the above as a general rule of thumb and realize that weather can be very unpredictable any given year and prolonged rainy seasons as well as prolonged dry season do occur as well. If you are visiting multiple  locations in Colombia including hot coastal areas such as Cartagena or Santa Marta as well as cooler highland tropical locations such as Medellin, Bogota or Manizales, you may want to pack both types of clothes accordingly.

We have compiled specific weather details for the cities below;

1. Mountain Highland:

(Cool, Rainy Climates): Medellin | Bogota | Manizalez   * Click the city for weather information.

2. Coastal Beach:

(Hot & Humid Climates): Cartagena | Santa Marta | Barranquilla   * Click the city for weather information.