Coltejer Building

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Coltejer Building | Medellin, Colombia

Finished in 1972 (started in 1968), this 574 foot tall massive building encompasses 37 floors and currently stands as the tallest building in Medellin. In addition, it is the 4th tallest building in all of Colombia. Located downtown in the El Centro district, it reminds us of the wealth and power of the city, and has become one of the hallmarks of urban life here. Framed by the Andes Mountains to the east, this building is majestic in appearance and is marked in stark contrast against the lush, green highland mountains that creates a tropical backdrop to this modern structure. The buildings architect was Esguerra Saenz Urdaneta Samper.

The original purpose of the Medellin landmark was as an administrative and corporate seat for the company Coltejer, one of the oldest and most widely recognized textile industry leaders in the country, not to mention one of the main economic engines of the Antioquian economy. As an allusion to the textile theme, the building maintains a “needle” shape. Urban historians agree in pointing out that since opening of the Coltejer Tower, Medellin has embraced a modernistic movement that can be seen throughout the entire city.

Location of Coltejer Building in Medellin:

La Playa Avenue & Junin


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