Sunday With The Family in Colombia

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One of the things that first caught my attention here in Medellin was how the traffic on Sundays was so much less than the rest of the week. The obvious reason is that it is the weekend and most people are resting from the night before. However, in Colombia family members normally gather together on Sundays and spend time with the family. It is very common for the entire family to get together on Sunday starting around noon time and have lunch. They will spend the entire afternoon at the parents house and socialize. This often times extends to cousins, aunts and uncles as Colombian families can get quite large.

Families gather together every Sunday in Colombia

This happens with families in other countries as well including the USA, Europe and Australia, but not to the degree that it does in Colombia. The only thing I can equate it with is holidays. Every year there are a handful of holidays in which the entire family gathers together to celebrate such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. Colombians do the same thing, but they also extend this celebrations to Sundays. It is pretty incredible to see how close knit the families are here in Colombia. This is something that has been lost or is fast disappearing in the first world countries. As Colombia quickly accelerates into the future, it will be interesting to see if this long standing tradition stands the test of time as the modern world catches up with  this aspect of Colombian culture.

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