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eastern antioquia medellin colombia

Eastern Antioquia

This is one of the most popular routes among locals and visitors for trips outside the city of Medellin. Almost every weekend you will find a steady stream of Antioquenos taking a break from the city in order to experience the beautiful natural wonders that lie to the east. The east region has one of the best road systems in the area and takes you up into the mountainside where cooler elevations exist. This area is renowned for being the agricultural breadbasket for the department of Antioquia. The area is also a major provider of electricity by means of hydroelectric sources owned and operated by ISAGEN S.A.

35% of the energy consumed in Colombia is produced in the many reservoirs existing in this region

Exiting at the San Diego roundabout, one takes Las Palmas road. From here, you will drive up into the beautiful mountainside of Medellin where there are amazing views of the city back down below. You will drive about 20 minutes until you come to a toll booth. Along the way there are various spots in which to take a break, grab a bite to eat, or stop to get out of the car and witness amazing views!

Taking a right at the first roundabout after the toll booth, you will come to La Fe Reservoir, which supplies a great part of Medellin’s drinking water.

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