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City of Envigado, Colombia

Approximately 7 miles southeast of Medellin is the town of Envigado. This neighborhood is considered one of the most efficient towns in all of Colombia and as a result of increased population density of Medellin, it has become a natural extension to the Antioquian capital that offers superior residential and commercial opportunities to its inhabitants. Rich in culture, artistic and culinary options, Envigado is easy to access and is connected by a series of roads that reach downtown as well as the airport to the east. The main access thoroughfares are El Poblado Avenue, Las Vegas Avenue and Autopista Sur (Southern Highway). Another access point to Envigado is Anillo de Las Transversales which connects it to Las Palmas.

Visitors and travelers can easily access this barrio via Metro Station Envigado.

The towns historical importance began with the participation of hundreds of Envigado families in the so called Antioquian colonization, which fostered the growth of neighboring departments like Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio and northern Valle. Envigado lies on one of the foothills of the Central Andean Cordillera (mountain range). It stands on a flat zone, slightly higher than the rest of the Aburra Valley. Its rapid growth was the result of the arrival of thousands of workers who came to make money in the neighboring factories of Itagui, a town which offered better tax incentives for companies to establish themselves in its territory.

The quality of Envigado‘s public services and infrastructure has made it one of the towns with the best quality of life in the country. Including it’s neighboring town of Sabaneta, Envigado has fast become one of the highest appreciating land areas in all of Medellin and there are currently multiple commercial as well as residential projects underway. Many people refer to this area as the “Next El Poblado“.

In spite of being so close to Medellin, Envigado has a rural atmosphere and many beautiful areas that are ideal for hiking, bird watching, mountain biking or just relaxing. The main park in the town square is another significant meeting and socializing area in Envigado. Dominated by the church on the eastern side, it plays host to cafes, bars and restaurants that surround it and offer people a wonderful place to chat, read, play board games, have a beer or a cup of coffee. Among the most famous meeting points in Envigado is La Puerta del Sol & Los Cachivaches.

On the weekends, Envigado‘s bars and discos are filled with locals and visitors alike. There are also areas where local talent can be found engaged in storytelling or playing music. Some of these local artists include Sabor Antillano (salsa), Imaginarte (Cuban Trova) and La Nave de Los Locos, where music and stories can be heard. Envigado is home to the Otraparte Museum House, where philosopher Fernando Gonzalez lived. This home has been declared a national monument and can be visited by those who wish to find out more about his life and work. More information can be found in the Discover Colombia Medellin Travel Guide under the category of Museums & Culture Centers.

Food in Envigado is a big attraction as well and one can enjoy the famous Envigado Morcilla (black pudding), typical pork sausage, green bean dishes, buñuelos, pork skins, empanadas, tamales, chicharon, chuzos and a variety of exotic fruit juices at the market places and gathering areas. Also known for their wide selection of furniture and lamps, Envigado is a treasure to be found just south of Medellin. Annual events that take place are the National Tiple Festival and the Carriel Festival.

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