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Explore Park | Parque Explora | Medellin, Colombia

Parque Explora or Explore Park is a natural sciences center in Medellin that recently opened to the public in 2008. With over 70,000 square feet of indoor space and 50,000 square feet of outdoor activities, this futuristic looking series of red buildings entertains thousands of people and families every week with its educational based scientific displays, aquarium, reptile and insect collection and more. There are over 300 interactive activities at Parque Explora in addition to an auditorium with 3D projection, a television studio, children center, temporary exhibit hall as well as restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops.

One of the most impressive features of Parque Explora is its indoor aquarium center. Committed to the respect and conservation of nature in its most compelling expression of diversity, the aquarium demonstrates and symbolizes two ecosystems currently at risk -  the tropical rain forest and coral reefs. On exhibit at the aquarium are more than 4000 fish from more than 400 different species. Among the most interesting of fish on display are the pirarucu fish which grow to lengths of 10 feet and can weigh as much as 485 pounds. These prehistoric relics are native to Colombia and live in the waters and rivers of the Amazon region. Parque Explora has created an amazing replica of the fishes natural habitat that exists in the wild Amazon regions of southern Colombia.

Parque Explora is conveniently located adjacent to the Metro Station Universidad and is very close to other attractions in the general area including the planetarium, Parque de Los Deseos, the University of Antioquia as well as the Medellin Botanical Gardens. Parque Explora is one of Medellin’s newest entertainment attractions and  citizens, tourists and travelers alike flock to this educational based facility on a weekly basis. It is advised to get to arrive early or you may be waiting in lines to enter the facility.

Here is an interesting introductory video of Parque Explora (Spanish) developed by development agency of SENA:

Location of Explore Park in Medellin:

CARERRA 43 #1-50 TEL: (574) 268-3000


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