Iglesia de Veracruz

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Iglesia de Vera Cruz | Medellin, Colombia

With materials brought from Spain, this church was built between the years 1791 and 1803. Originally called the Foreigners Chapel of Veracruz, its construction was prompted by foreign citizens living in the village of Medellin. The major bell named Segundilla, was cast by savvy Francisco José de Caldas and then later turned into a cannon during the independence war.

In the past, its facade was coated with plaster at 3/4 as thick as its height! The chapel is the only colonial chapel having been preserved in Medellin and is located on the square where a bronze city fountain stands. It was declared part of the cultural heritage of the nation in 1982 and is located one block west of the Parque Berrio Metro station.

Location of Iglesia de Veracruz in Medellin:

CALLE 51 #52-58 TEL: (574) 512-5095


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