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Itagui is an industrial and commercial center for the city of Medellin. The first city in the country to establish a manufacturing corridor back in the 1950′s, it is arguably the most industrialized town in Colombia. Founded in 1832, Itagui is located just southwest of downtown Medellin approximately 6 miles and claims the reputation of having the highest population density in Colombia, with an average 45,000 vehicles circulating through its streets per day.

Although green areas are not abundant, conservation groups are working on ways to promote a healthier environment for its inhabitants and visitors. Chimney Park (Parque Chimeneas) offers recreational activities as well as interesting games and musical activities for children and adults. Other attractions include Obrero Park which is more than 60 years old and has an area of 500 square meters and is located just two blocks away from Itagui’s main town square. Restored at the beginning of 2006, this park is popular due to its active nightlife including social gatherings, recitals, poetry readings, music and movie theaters. This area gathers a great variety of artists, young adults as well as visitors to the area.

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