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el estadio and laureles neighborhoods of medellin, colombia


Laureles, Medellin gets its name from the beautiful Bay Laurel Trees that line the medians throughout the area. The entire area was designed back in the 1930′s by the engineer and artist Pedro Nel Gomez. It was the first planned expansion of Medellin proper west of the Medellin River. Today Laureles remains one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city and home to the upper middle class of Medellin. Classified as a strata 5, this neighborhood is a great place to visit or live and has many options for dining, hotels, cafes and entertainment.

The layout of the streets in Laureles is a radical French design that has been organized around the roundabout in Santa Teresita or Laureles Park 2. This generates chaos in the naming of the streets in the sector in relation to the rest of the city, that was conversely organized in the traditional Spanish grid design.


Estadio is the sister neighborhood of Laureles. It is home to Atanasio Giradot Stadium and the famous La Setenta strip (70th Street) which is one of the premier entertainment areas in Medellin. Also, near is the University Pontifica Bolivariana, a true symbol of the neighborhood. Weekends on 70th street are alive with music, dancing and partying as students and citizens alike come out to socialize among its many bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs.

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