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Medellin Botanical Garden | Jardín Botánico de Medellín

The Medellin Botanical Garden is almost 40 acres of outdoor space dedicated to orchids, plants, botany and nature in general. With an enormous wealth of flora native to Colombia, the botanical garden boasts more than 5000 individual plants with contributions from more than 1000 different species. The Medellin Botanical Garden is a greenbelt area in the heart of the city where people gather to bike, hike and engage in water related activities including canoeing and rowing. There are also options to ride horses in the area which is a favorite countryside (and city) past-time for citizens of Medellin.

joaquin antonio uribe

Joaquin Antonio Uribe

History of the Medellin Botanical Garden

This green belt area of the city has a long history associated with a central park theme dedicated to the natural aspects of the urban location and Aburra Valley in general. Almost a century ago the area was a private farm that was owned by Don Victor Arango and his sisters. They collectively operated the area as an estadero and bath house to a city that then had a population of only 40,000 people. Most recently in 1972 the Medellin Botanical Garden became formally known as the Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Gardens. Joaquín Antonio Uribe was a well respected and accomplished writer, educator, artist, naturalist and botanist during the latter part of the 1800′s and the early part of the 20th century. It is in tribute to him, his scientific vocation and his efforts to make knowledge accessible for all audiences to experience, that the gardens and park bear his name.

Park Renovation & Expansion

The complexion of the Medellin Botanical Garden was drastically changed starting in 2005 when the entire area underwent a major revival during ex-mayor Sergio Fajardo’s urban investment initiative. The two year initiative and project included the construction of both the glass science building as well as the wooden and steel 50 foot tall flower patch called the Orchideorama. The latter was a design by Plan B Architects and was carried out in coordination with other developmental government agencies in the city. The overall character of the newly renovated Medellin Botanical Garden suggests a symbiotic relationship between man, nature, science and education. The area is enjoyed by thousands of people every week including local families as well as tourists.

More information can be found at the official website here (Spanish).

Location of Medellin Botanical Garden

CALLE 73 #51D-14 TEL: (574) 444 5500


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