Empresas Publicas Medellin(EPM)

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Medellin Public Utiltity Building | Medellin, Colombia

Another landmark building in Medellin and an icon for the people of Antioquia is Empresas Publicas Medellin(EPM), dubbed the intelligent building due to its highly automated facilities. Modeled after the Lloyds of London building, its modern and sleek appearance adds an ultra modern feel to the downtown area of the city. The building not only stands out for its highly functional and advanced architectural design, but also for its novel auditorium which is housed in a large cube located just on the northwest side of the main building. Empresas Publicas Medellin(EPM) is recognized nationally as well as internationally for excellence in the services that it provides, its ever-present involvement in the growth of the city, its commitment to social accountability, and its contribution to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Antioquia.

Empresas Publicas Medellin is the main provider of utility based services for the city and region. These basic living services include electricity, water and gas. EPM is also involved in power generation, telecommunications and waste water treatment. Founded in 1955, the publicly owned company is the property of the city and is the largest utilities provider in the country. The company was recently ranked as the second largest in the country behind the petroleum leading company Ecopetrol. Capable of producing more than 2,600 megawatts of electricity, EPM brings power to more than four million customers and approximately 20% of the country as a whole. Empressas Publicas Medellin services more than 38,000 miles of its own power lines to meet the demands of its electricity customers. It’s natural gas division controls approximately 2600 miles of infrastructure that brings service to more than one million people. The waste water division has a capacity of over one hundred million gallons and has recently expanded its operations to the municipality of Bello which is a large suburb in northern Medellin.

Recent Public Service Video – EPM

Location of Empresas Publicas Medellin:

CARERRA 58 #42-125 TEL: (574) 380-8080


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