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Learning Spanish in Medellin is a great idea for travelers and visitors who can plan on being in the city for several weeks, months or years. The fact of the matter is that life in the city of eternal spring is much easier if you can speak some basic Spanish. If you plan on living in Medellin or anywhere in Colombia for that matter, then you will definitely want to begin or continue learning Espanol. There are two basis strategies for learning Spanish – long term study and short term or intensive language adaptation. Each person has the ability to learn a new language, but some will learn faster than others and each person will develop their own personalized strategies for learning the language in an optimal and individual manner. Some people learn better in the books and others will learn best on the streets.

Long Term Study Options

Universidad EAFIT in El Poblado

Founded in 1991, the language center is an important part of Universidad EAFIT. As part of the continuing education department, it offers high quality language programs that provide students an optimum learning environment for foreign language. In addition to the Spanish program, the language center offers English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Colombian sign language and in the near future Mandarin Chinese.

The EAFIT second language center has a capacity to serve up to 5000 students utilizing professional and highly-trained faculty. The learning strategy employed at the university incorporates a heavy dose of immersion as students are required to listen to instruction and lessons in Spanish without the aid of excessive assistance in the native language of the student. Skills that are developed in tandem via the program include listening, speaking, reading and writing. Also included within the scope of the lessons are grammar, vocabulary and culture. Students are encouraged to practice in group settings as well as self study during class and after. In addition, there is a new program that offers international students the chance to travel to the coffee producing regions as part of their intensive learning class. The program combines one week of study in Medellin (38 hours of class) along with one week in Andes coffee region of Colombia (22 hours of class) in the beautiful Parque Nacional de la Cultura Agropecuaria or PANACA for short. Click here for more information about learning Spanish at PANACA.

EAFIT Spanish for Foreigners Program

EAFIT‘s Spanish for Foreigners program began in 1995 with a handful of students and has steadily grown over the years into a full scale comprehensive curriculum. Nowadays the program receives more than 500 students each year that come from 60 different countries spanning the globe. The curriculum is structured according to a three tier level system according to the strengths of the student. These include basic, intermediate and proficient. There are a total of 14 courses that make up the three levels including specialty classes such as Business Spanish for professionals. Students with previous knowledge are required to take a free placement exam in order to assess the skill level of the participant before enrollment can occur.

Also included in the language program at EAFIT are airport pickup and acclimation services, student health services, housing, banking, housing services, social integration, multi media language labs as well as assigned conversation partners. Admission, fees and VISA information can be found in the brochure below.

Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana

The Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana (UPB) is a private non-profit Catholic educational institution that is dedicated to higher learning. Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Laureles in Medellin, this university is committed to excellence and has served the city since its inception on September 15, 1936. It was not until 1945 that the university obtained the title of Pontifica which earned it the support and identity of the Vatican. Other campuses are located throughout Colombia including the cities of Bucaramanga, Monteria, Palmira as well as the nations capital city of Bogota. In addition to Spanish, other languages offered at Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana are English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese and others. The Spanish program has five levels including beginner, high beginner, intermediate, advanced and proficient which correspond to the CEFR levels A1, A2, B1, B2 & C1. Students who are enrolled in the language program at the university can choose to study 10 hours per week (semi-intensive course) or 20 hours per week (intensive course). Special Spanish courses exist including business, Latin American literature, culture, dance food and Colombian society.

The Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana in Medellin actually has two campuses where it has more than 10,000 students enrolled in graduate and post-graduate programs. The college offers 47 undergraduate programs, 112 majors, 13 masters degree and 4 doctorate programs. The central campus is located in the Laureles neighborhood between Avenida Nutibara and Avenida Bolivariana. There are multiple classroom buildings, park settings, walking trails, fountains and open spaces that allow for a relaxed and focused learning environment in which to study. In 2007, the college received the ISO 9001-2000 certification. The Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana Robledo campus is located in the Bosques de San Pablo neighborhood and is home to the School of Health Sciences (Medicine & Nursing) and the Bolivarian University Hospital.

Other ancillary services offered at Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana include airport pickup, housing options, VISA assistance, integrated health services, access to tutors and multimedia laboratories as well as extracurricular activities including visits to Medellin museums and culture centers.

Locations & Contact Numbers:

Campus de Laureles Circular 1 No. 70-01 Tel: +(574) 4488388
Campus de Robledo Calle 78b No. 72a-109 Tel: +(574) 4936300
Sede UPB El Poblado Carrera 43 C # 5-173, Patio Bonito Tel:+(574) 311 3244

Short Term Study Options (Intensive)

* We will be updating this section soon with additional options for intensive study option in Medellin, Colombia. If you are a qualified Spanish school and wish to be part of this section, please contact us.