Events in Medellín


1) BULL FIGHTS (Feria Taurina de la Macarena)
CARERRA 63 #44A-65 TEL: (574) 230-9926

Every year during the months of January & February, the Spanish tradition of bullfighting comes to Medellin! An annual event since 1992, bullfighting has entertained crowds in Medellin and is hosted at the Macarena arena during the event known as Feria Taurina de La Macarena. Also utilized for concerts, sporting events, the circus, conventions and more, La Macarena arena can hold up to 14,000 spectators. Contributions are made every year to the University Hospital San Vicente de Paul and are created by means of responsible social actions and derived from the profits generated through the lease and use of the arena for public and industry related events.


Since Medellin was founded, bullfighting has been a traditional event with its original roots in Spain. In the principal plaza La Villa de la Candelaria de Aná (present day Medellin) and decreed by governor Juan Buesso de Valdéz, this sport pitting man against beast was declared and historically took place during the timeframe of the holiday, “Day of the Virgen”, February 2nd.

CALLE 41 #55-35 TEL: (574) 232-4522

Annual event featuring apparel and home furnishings, machinery, textiles, supplies and other items in the textiles supply chain. Find everything necessary to create an apparel collection. Cotton, blends, and wool fabrics, buckles, buttons, zippers, threads, interlinings, labels, technological items, machinery and services. The event attracts vendors from all across Latin America & South America due to its superior “hub” location in Medellin, Colombia. Buyers from European and North American markets routinely attend the event as well.


1) Medellín es una ganga! (Medellín is a bargain!)

The month of February is dedicated to sales, sales and more sales! Throughout the entire city, over 1000 shopping centers and outlets mark down massive amounts of items for sale at a discount. People wait all year for this event to occur so that big savings can be had on everything from clothing, furniture, household items, jewelry and more. Hosted by the Medellin Association of Shoping Centers, this annual event has a large turnout as people come from all over the greated metropolitan area to participate.






1) Colombia MODA


1) Flower Festival (Feria de Los Flores)

This is Medellín’s crown jewel of events and people come to visit the city from around the globe during this week long schedule of activities.