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museum of antioquia | museo antioquia | Medellin, Colombia

The Museum of Antioquia (Museo Antioquia) is probably the most ambitious urban and cultural enterprise in Medellin. It has become a revitalizing element in the city center (El Centro), which for decades languished because of population expansion into surrounding communities (suburb effect).

The old branch of the museum shows historical films and also has library resources. There are also workshop and trade shop opportunities in this branch offered by the School of Arts.

Recently renovated, the new branch hosts most of the permanent and traveling exhibitions in its halls. It is located in the facilities formerly occupied by the old Palacio Municipal. The bulk of the exhibition are on the second floor and include works by Botero, XXX, XXX and XXXX. On the first floor you will find gift shops as well as a restaurant and some small cafes.

Guided tours for up to 30 people are offered if booked in advance by telephone. The majority of the museum art was donated by Fernando Botero, a world famous artistic figure who was born and grew up in Medellin. The Botero gallery comprises 12 separate rooms in which a total of 118 works of art are displayed, some of which correspond to international paintings from the artist’s private collection. There are also over 500 works of art that reflect the creative activity of the region and Colombia in the 19th and 20th centuries. Included in this collection are photographs, paintings, drawings, cartoons and sculptures.

La Sala de las Tres Culturas (The Room of Three Cultures) reveals more than 200 objects and are some of the best samples of the creation of pre-hispanic cultures, as well as pictorial and sculptural works of religious art during the Colonial period. As well, the museum devotes several temporary rooms to artistic , historical and scientific works, which are of both national and international interest.

Location of Museo Antioquia in Medellin:

CRA 52#52-53 TEL: (574) 251-3636


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays (10:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.)
Tuesdays – Closed for maintenance

$5000 pesos – General Admission
$3000 pesos – Students holding a current ID

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