New Monkey Species Found in Colombia

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New species of monkey found in Colombia.

New monkey species discovered in Colombia.

A previously unknown monkey species has been discovered in the jungles of Colombia, South America.

The small, cat-sized animal – officially named Callicebus caquetensis – is the fourth species of titi monkey now known to live in the South American country’s southern forests.

Scientists found the primate during an expedition in the forests of Caqueta, a region close to the border with Peru and Ecuador, which had been off-limits to scientists because of the risks posed by armed insurgents and drug smugglers. The forests have been a sanctuary for guerrilla groups since the 1970s, the last time a scientific expedition in the area had noted the presence of an unusual species of titi monkey. “This discovery is extremely exciting because we had heard about this animal, but for a long time we could not confirm if it was different from other titis,” said Professor Thomas Defler, a researcher with Conservation International based in Washington DC. “We now know that this is a unique species, and it shows the rich diversity of life that is still be to discovered in the Amazon.”

Read the entire story about the new monkey species found in Colombia, South America here.

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