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North Park Medellin

Officially founded in 1974, Parque Norte in Medellin is a traditional amusement park akin to your hometown fair or carnival. The amusement park is perfect for families and kids of all ages. The area is located in the northern sector of the city and encompasses 160,000 square meters. More than 2000 square meters have been dedicated to amusement park rides at Parque Norte. The amusement park rides vary from traditional roller coasters and bumper cars to water slides and everything in between including a full size Boeing 727 commercial airplane that is on display.

In July 2006, the city council of Medellin approved a budget allocation for the total renovation of Parque Norte as a part of a larger renewal project spearheaded by then mayor, Sergio Fajardo. Prior to the renovation, the park had been averaging 500,000 visitors. However, since the renovation the municipality expects to consistently double that figure. Parque Norte is also utilized for events of all kind including theme events during holidays such as Halloween and Christmas as well as musical concerts that are scheduled throughout the year. For a complete list of concert and special events, refer to the official website for dates and times.

Parque Norte is conveniently located close to the Metro Station Universidad. The area is part of the collective Medellin tourist attractions that include  the Medellin PlanetariumBotanical Gardens, the Music House and other entertainment attractions. This general area is a mecca of entertainment options for travelers, tourists and the citizens of Medellin to enjoy. The waterpark at Parque Norte is closed on Mondays for servicing and maintenance, but the rest of the entertainment park is open seven days a week including holidays.

Location of Parque Norte in Medellin:

CRA 53 #76-115 TEL: (574) 211-1612



SATURDAY & SUNDAY (10 A.M. – 7 P.M.)

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