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Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital is a non profit and private foundation located in Medellin. Known as the Hospital With Soul, this medical facility is ISO 9001 certified and maintains a high degree of excellence in the treatment of patients and has done such for more than 35 years. Its humanistic approach and knowledge base combined with its advanced technologies have earned the institution both national and international recognition for providing exceptional surgical and medical services in combination with its diagnostic and treatment centers. The hospital has long played an important role in Colombia for advanced medical care and has recently gained a leadership position in the medical tourism arena as it provides more and more foreign patients with superior and economical treatments. Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital assigns extreme care and dedication to continuous learning, development and consolidation of technical skills in order to insure its processes aimed at achieving the highest international standards of care. The hospital is currently one of 12 hospitals in Colombia that are awaiting accreditation from the USA based Joint Commission International group.

Other certifications in place are OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISQUA and IQNET. The hospital recently won the Colombian Quality in Health Award (Gold Category) which was a first of its kind to ever be awarded.

Outstanding specialties at Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital include hepatology, hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer surgery, nephrology, gastroenterology, intensive care, coloproctology, endocrinology, dermatology, thorax surgery, vascular surgery, head & neck surgery, infectious diseases & rheumatology, oncology as well as orthopedic treatments and surgery. In addition, the hospital also specializes in bariatric surgeries including obesity procedures and options. Thanks to its transplant unit, many terminal patients including children and adults have had the opportunity to continue living a meaningful and substantial life.  Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital has won numerous accolades for its medical leadership and outstanding services in the national and international medical community including the recent Colombian Quality in Health Award.

Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital has a total of 256 beds available for patients including 18 beds that are dedicated to its intensive care unit. Equipped with the latest monitoring and mechanical ventilation technologies, safety is an ongoing commitment at the facility. Other important measures are in place include a double measuring system (mechanical and electrical for oxygen, medicinal air and water), redundant electrical and gas supply systems as well as backup power plant and water supply. Social support services and assistance for patients and their family members include orientation and support programs led by an intensive care physician, nurse, psychologist and social worker. Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital has recently added the Executive Hospitalization program which provides the upgraded advantages of a 5 star hotel room. These private rooms are larger than traditional recovery rooms and include additional amenities such as an attached living room, 24 hour free internet access, upgraded food menu, sofa and reclining chair for guests, specialty linens, refrigerator, flat screen TV as well as the daily newspaper of choice.

In addition, the pediatric care unit at Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital has a level one classification according to the standards at the American Pediatrics Academy.

Location of Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital in Medellin:

CALLE 78B #69-240
TEL: (574) 441-5252
TEL: (574) 445-9267 (Foreign Patients)
HOTLINE: (57) 317 4013663 (24 hour phone line for foreign patients)
Hospital Website (*spanish only)

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