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Park of Wishes | Parque de Los Deseos | Medellin, Colombia

The Parque de Los Deseos (Park of Wishes) in Medellin is an open-air public gathering space and another example of the city’s expressive rejuvenation and commitment to learning. Sitting adjacent to the Music House and located amongst other attractions in the area including the planetarium, North Park, Explore Park and the University of Antioquia. The Parque de Los Deseos offers an open public space that has been dedicated to the theme of science and discovery much like the rest of the general area.

You will find a great mix of people that visit the Parque de Los Deseos including couples, families, children of all ages and their pets. There are a series of sand pits, wade pools and water jets that shoot up from the ground allowing children to stay cool and have fun during the week and on weekends. Other weekly events that take place are cultural displays, concerts, lectures and occasional free movies. Adults routinely visit the Parque de Los Deseos on weekends for open-air exercise classes that are scheduled when the weather is dry. It is not uncommon to see people at the park stretching and exercising in groups of 40-50 outside in the wonderful weather of Medellin.

The Parque de Los Deseos is conveniently located adjacent to the Metro Station Universidad. This entire area underwent a tremendous renovation and expansion between 2005 and 2008 when ex-mayor of Medellin Sergio Farjardo carried out his urban rejuvenation initiative across the city. This area of the city has become one of the major tourist attractions for both citizens and tourists alike as the sheer number of things to do in the area can keep you busy for several days as you explore the scientific and educational elements of the various parks, museums and learning facilities that encompass the Parque de Los Deseos.

Location of Parque de Los Deseos (Park of Wishes) in Medellin:

CARERRA 52 #71-11 (574) 516-6404


OPEN EVERYDAY (6 A.M – 11:30 P.M.)

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