Parque Bolivar

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parque bolivar, medellin, colombia

Like Berrio Park, Bolivar Park is full of history. The grounds it occupies today were the property of English citizen Tyrrel Stuart Moore, who decided to donate them to the city of Medellin in 1844 based on the condition that the area was to be re-named Nueva Londres (New London).

However, the citizens of Medellin, Colombia favored Villanueva which was also the name of the surrounding neighborhood as well. The name Villanueva was enforced until the year 1871 in which it was re-named Bolívar Park (Parque Bolívar). It was not until 1923 that a statue of the Liberator was placed in the park as a heritage symbol.

Around this park, the prominent families of the city lived for many long decades. Bolívar Park is also home to the Basilica or Metropolitan Cathedral, whose construction started in 1875 and stands at the north entrance and facade of the park.

Every Sunday, the Symphonic Band of the University of Antioquia play classical and folk music to the locals and visitors/travelers of the city. This open air concert is referred to as the Retreta del Parque and is a favorite past time.

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