Parque San Antonio

by marcus

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parque san antonio, medellin, colombia

Inaugurated on December 14th, 1994, it is one of the most important recreational and culture venues in the city of Medellin. It was built on a 340,000 square feet of terrain. There are both commercial and service areas for locals and visitors/travelers alike to enjoy and use. There are several Fernando Botero sculptures here including the “naked torso”.

A crescent shaped auditorium offers an ideal place for free concerts which are regularly organized for the public. As well, the offices of the French-Colombian Alliance and Almacenes Exito both operate in the area. In addition, the Porfirio Barba Jacob Theater and the Army’s Batallon Bombona number one are located here at the San Antonio Park.

Location of San Antonio Park, Medellin:


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