Pasaje Urbano Carabobo

by marcus

in Tourist Attractions in Medellín

Pasaje Urbano Carabobo | Medellin, Colombia

The Carabobo (dumb face) pedestrian walkway in Medellin is approximately 8 city blocks long and connects Parque Bolivar in the north to both Plaza Botero and La Apujarra farther south. This is a wonderfully busy street center during the daytime full of shops, places to eat, vendors of all sorts as well as amazing architecture, sculptures and historic sites along its city stretch in the city center (El Centro).

This roadway, chaotic until recently, has gone through a pivotal transformation that shows a new and friendly face to the city of Medellin. Travelers and visitors alike will appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the walkway as well as its connecting feature to multiple areas of tourism interest.

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