Plaza Botero

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Plaza Botero | Medellin, Colombia

Plaza Botero or Plaza de Las Esculturas (Sculpture Plaza) in Medellin is 80,729 square feet of public space that occupies the area in front of the Museum of Antioquia and also surrounds the Uribe Palace of Culture. In this space exists a perfect mix of art, culture and nature in which 23 of Botero’s bronze sculptures are on permanent display and exhibit. Donated by Medellin’s own Fernando Botero years ago and put into place during 2002, they adorn the surrounding area and create an amazing outdoor exhibit. Among the pieces worth admiring are “The Hand”, “Eve”, “Maternity”, “Man on horseback”, and “Roman Soldier” to name a few. Many of these same pieces have been on display previously in museums including Paris, New York and Madrid to name a few. Plaza Botero is probably one of the most photographed areas of the city as citizens, tourists and travelers alike gather in it plaza to admire the bronze creations from one of Colombia’s most famous artists.

Fernando Botero created and cast the bronze sculptures from his design studios in Pietra Santa, Italy along with the rest of his collection of sculptures. The sculptures receive routine maintenance every six months by the Museum of Antioquia in accordance with the instructions from Botero himself. After almost 10 years, the display of sculptures that occupy Plaza Botero are having a positive impact on the area and the city of Medellin. Besides the Botero sculptures, there are native ceiba and yellow lignum vitae trees that occupy the green areas of the plaza as well as tall, sky reaching palm trees that remind us we are in the highland mountains of the tropics. There are numerous cafes that are in the area as well as the famous Hotel Nutibara landmark that sits adjacent to Plaza Botero.

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