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Pueblito Paisa | Medellin, Colombia

Pueblito Paisa (Little Town) is located on the top of Nutibarra Hill (Cerro Nutibarra) in Medellin. This replica of a typical turn of the century Antioquia town comes complete with its traditional stone fountain in the middle of the town square and is surrounded by the church and rectory, the mayor’s office, a barber shop, and a one-room school house. Pueblito Paisa is an icon to the people of Antioquia (Antiqueños) since its inception, this attraction is a fun way to get a bird’s eye view of the city and surrounding mountains and valleys, as well as get away from the busting city below for an hour or so.

cacique nutibarra

Cacique Nutibarra

History of Pueblito Paisa

In 1976 during the construction of the power plant lake El Penol outside of Medellin, materials were salvaged from homes that were to be demolished. The architect, Sierra, re-used a lot these building materials including doors, casings, windows, etc. to construct Pueblito Paisa. In fact, the door to the church of Pueblita Paisa was the front door of the Casa de San Vicente. A wooden alter dating back to the 1920′s was also used in the church and other items such as the barber chair, school chairs and desks, beds and cooking utensils were taken from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century time-frames to complete the antique design of the town.

Pueblito Paisa was finished in 1977 at a cost of over two million dollars and was inaugurated on March 3, 1978 by the then mayor Dr. Guillermo Hipcapie Orozco and Mrs. Nichols Mariluz Vallejo, the Medellin Director of Tourism. There has been a number of public and private donations over the years to keep Pueblito Paisa running in good condition including contributions from both El Mundo Newspaper and Caracol Radio Network. The park contains one of the most important collective sculptural expressions of the 80′s and of the last century. The 10 sculptures located on site are both modern and abstract. They are the unmistakable expression of what today is called participatory art. These works are located in the open for public viewing. One of the most famous sculptures is that of Cacique Nutibarra (Chief Nutibarra).

Here is an interesting news video (English) about the popular tourist attraction in Medellin.

Location of Pueblito Paisa in Medellin:

CALLE 30 #55-64 (574) 235-8370

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