Rafeal Uribe Palace of Culture

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Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture | Medellin, Colombia

With its florid gothic style, it has occupied the old Governors building since 1987 and is by far one of the most widely recognized architectural works in the city of Medellin. Designed by the Belgian architect Agustin Goovaerts that first came to Medellin in 1920 and was inspired by art nouveau, then at the height of fashion in Europe, proceeded to build the structure under the command of General Pedro Nel Ospina who was at the time Governor of Antioquia (later President of Colombia).

Now renamed the Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture, it is the home of the department’s historical archives and the setting for a variety of events including including a permanent Art Gallery on the first floor. In addition to frequent exhibitions, the Palace holds several examples of Antioquian culture including department libraries, a phonoteque, the Center for Musical Documentation, a cafe and culture shop.

It was originally built as part of a general re-planning of this area of the city with the expansion of the Plazuela Nutibara, the widening of Calle Calibio and Calle Boyaca and the covering of the Santa Elena stream. Finished in stages between the years of 1929 through 1937, the building almost faced demolision in 1960 due to expansion needs. Later the Governor’s offices were moved to their new facilities in the administrative center of La Alpujarra.

Fact: The ironwork dome on top of the building was imported from Belgium in 1928.

Location of Uribe Palace of Culture in Medellin:

CRA 51 #52-03 TEL: (574) 251-1444


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