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robledo, medellin in colombia

The neighborhood of Robledo is situated in the northwest zone of Medellin. Formerly a rural area of the city, the area is now a neighborhood of contrasts where lower and middle class citizens and families co-exist in harmony. Robledo has excellent infrastructure and a host of service offerings including superior hospitals, clinics and universities.

Robledo, Medellin Attractions

One of the main tourist attractions in Robledo is Volador Hill (Cerro El Volador) which is officially classified an eco-park and constitutes the single largest protected area within the city limits at more than 250 acres.

Robledo, Medellin Schools & Universities

Robledo has a concentration of educational facilities located within its perimeters including the UPB Faculty of Medicine, Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Antioquia Women’s University ( University of Antioquia), University of Antioquia Robledo Campus, Saint Tomas University, School of Mines at The National University of Colombia and others.

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