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The city of Sabaneta, Colombia.

Created in 1967, after having been part of Envigado, Sabaneta (means small plain) stands out as a model community in Colombia. At approximately 7 square miles, Sabaneta is officially Colombia’s smallest municipality and is made of of 24 different neighborhoods. Thanks to its key location in the southern sector of the city combined with its excellent infrastructure, Sabaneta has become a tourist destination and regularly has scheduled events with large turnouts. There is also important agriculture activity in Sabaneta including coffee and banana plantations.

The area has a strong religious heritage and it is known for its mass pilgrimages organized to the Maria Auxiliadora Sanctuary. The image of Virgin Mary was a donation from the daughters of Fidel Cano (founder of local newspaper, El Espectador) sits at Saint Anne Parish, which holds 3000 people. Tuesday holds special significance in Sabaneta as thousands of parishioners from the region gather to ask Maria Auxiliadora for special favors.

Another attraction to the area is the house of Barquereña, a museum and exhibit hall that was contructed in California style. Within the premises there is a park displaying sculptures by Antioquian artist Rodrigo Arenas Betancur, famous for his historic representations.

La Romera recreational and ecological park is a forest reserve and offers amazing scenic views along its 1.86 mile eco-path. The area contains a wide variety of fauna & flora and it is possible to take a horse-ride which includes snacks and lunch. There are a wide variety of restaurants, discos, bars and roadside inns that travelers can enjoy while in Medellin and the central park is not be missed with its historic church. La Doctora is one of the most famous restaurants in Sabaneta.

Celebrations in this neighborhood include Fiestas de Maria Auxiliadora (May), Fiestas Patronales (X) and Fiestas del Plátano (June).

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