San Diego Opthamologic Clinic

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A private institution, this hospital is located in El Poblado and specializes in medical procedures and services related to opthalmology, a field in which it is a pioneer in such treatments as personalized correction of myopia, hypermetropy and astigmatism through the use of zyoptic technology in which latest generation Technolas 217-Z lasers are used. It is also a leading institution in the application of photodynamic therapy by means of the Visulas 690-s equipment for the stabilization of vision when age related macular degeneration is diagnosed.

The clinic has 5 operating rooms for opthalmological surgery and uses cutting edge equipment which makes it possible to remove cataracts by means of phacoemulsification. It performs cataract and refractive surgery, vitreous & retina surgery, strabismus, cosmetic eye surgery, cornea transplant, glaucoma surgery, ocular oncology and opthalmological emergencies.

Besides surgical procedures, the clinic also performs a wide variety of tests such as angiographies, biometrics tests, computerized scopemeters, specular microscopy and corneal topography.

CARERRA 43 #30-28
TEL: (574) 262-6363…lates/index.php (*spanish only)

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