San Pedro Cemetery

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San Pedro Cemetery | Medellin, Colombia

The San Pedro Cemetery is located north of downtown Medellin and can be accessed easily by taking the Metro to the Metro Station Hospital. The cemetery was originally built in 1842 and officially became designated as a museum in 1998. It was declared a national monument in 1999 by Colombia. The hallowed grounds have become quite popular in the last few years and have sparked renewed interest from groups who routinely gather at the site for various activities that range from school field trips and art exhibitions to full moon night tours.  San Pedro Cemetery Website (Spanish).

Famous People Buried in San Pedro Cemetery:

The San Pedro Cemetery is the final resting place to some of Colombia’s most influential and historical figures included in this short list of the departed individuals: Fidel Cano, Mariano Ospina Rodríguez, Pedro Nel Ospina, Luciano Restrepo Escobar, Pedro Justo Berrío, Carlos Coriolano Amador, José María Sierra, Alejandro Ángel, Efe Gómez, Luis López de Mesa, Félix de Bedout Moreno, Manuel Uribe Ángel, Pedro Estrado, Luis Eduardo Yepes, Jorge Isaacs, Francisco Antonio Cano, Marco Tobón Mejía, Bernardo Vieco Ortiz, Jorge Marín Vieco, Pedro Nel Gómez, Constantino Carvajal and Rafael Sáenz, among others. Also, the famous singer Carlos Gardel was buried here temporarily between June and December of the year 1935, before his remains were sent back to his birthplace of Buenos Aires.

San Pedro Cemetery Foundation

The San Pedro Cemetery Foundation (Fundacion) reinvests all financial surpluses it receives throughout the year back into the community through various social welfare programs as well as cultural, educational and scientific projects. In fact, the foundation assists more than 50 different social programs throughout the city. A list of these groups can be found on the organizations website and is located on their foundation (fundacion) page of their website. If you would like to be a part of this civic and charitable foundation, then get in contact with the group at the information below or on their website.

Location of San Pedro Cemetery in Medellin:

CARERRA 51 #68-68 TEL: (574) 212-0951


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