UK Discovers Colombia Tourism

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Cabo de La Vela, Colombia, La Guajira

Colombia has seen a recent surge in tourism from the UK. More than 19,250 British tourists discovered the wonders and cultural attractions of Colombia last year. This represents an increase of more than 26.5% from total related tourism activity in 2005. There are now 52 tour operators in the UK that are offering travel packages to Colombia. This number is expected to double by 2015. This type of promotion to the eco-rich country did not exist before and travelers who wanted to visit Colombia had to create their own travel plans and itineraries. One of the most appealing factors for the new found interest from UK holiday goers is the fact that the country is largely undiscovered. Colombia boasts one of the most diverse range of tourism activities that range from colonial coffee vacations in the tropical highlands of Bogota or Medellin to desert beach getaways in places like remote Cabo de La Vela in the La Guajira territory.

UK Discovers Colombia Tourism

UK Discovers Colombia Tourism

The increase in tourism is directly related to the increase in security that Colombia has experienced over the last 8 years and began with the hardliner ex-president Alvaro Uribe who just finished two terms with a mixed record. His dedication to security in Colombia led to a dramatic rise in national travel among Colombians which in turn attracted a wave of international interest. Shortly following the increased tourism wave has been a massive inflow of foreign investments that have primarily been concentrated in mining and petroleum exploration as new territories become accessible once again.

The future looks bright for this South American country and more and more people are discovering the secret that is Colombia.

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