University of Antioquia Assembly Hall

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University of Antioquia Assembly Hall | Medellin, Colombia

Saint Ignatius Building at the University of Antioquia is probably one of the most important architectural jewels in all of Medellin. It was the first branch of the university whose origins date back to 1793, in which the Medellin Cabildo purchased the lands for the construction of a church, a convent and a school.

Declared in 1803, the University of Antioquia began it’s process of building and expanding the campus. However, it was not until 1886 that the Saint Ignatius Building received the official name of University of Antioquia. Initially only the School of Arts, Trades and Mining were offered at the university.

The assembly hall (Paraninfo) was built during the republican period and was carried out by Maestro Horacio Rodriguez. The assembly hall has been the epicenter of cultural development for both the department as well as the rest of Colombia.

360 degree photo here.

In 1982, this building was declared a national monument by the city of Medellin.

Location of University of Antioquia Assembly Hall in Medellin:


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